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Hospitals Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Olaya Medical Complex

Olaya Medical Complex

The year 1995 marked beginning of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG) in the Olaya area on King Fahad Road which is located in the heart of Riyadh city.

Today the Olaya Medical Complex comprising of eight towers and is one of the largest private Medical Centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The complex has clinics and centers in all medical specialties and subspecialties distributed across eight towers including the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Center and the largest IVF Centers in the Kingdom.

Olaya Medical Complex is distinguished by its Centers of Excellence:

The first center of excellence is the Maternity Hospital which is equipped with latest technology and highly qualified team of medical professionals.

The second center of excellence is the Bone, Joint and Spine Surgery Hospital which is the first and largest specialized Orthopedic Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The third center of excellence is the state-of-the art IVF Center which is considered one of the group’s greatest achievements. Dr.Sulaiman Al Habib has carefully selected and recruited highly experienced professional medical consultants who are trained in this latest international technology to serve the patient with compassion and care.

The Olaya medical complex aims to provide our patient with the best health Care Services available in the region. As we believe in working together as a care-team, maximizing the unique knowledge, judgment and skills of every caregiver to achieve the best outcomes possible. Our leading doctors and nurses in Olaya Medical Complex work together to provide the highest quality care using the latest medical technology.

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Dr. Ayman Al Jazaeri
Consultant General
& Pediatric

canadian fellowship



Dr. Mohammed Haitham Odeh
Consultant Cardiologist
& Cardio-Vascular Diseases



Dr. Hiba Sarhan
Consultant OB/GYNE 
Arab Board



Dr. Sulaiman Al Majed
Consultant Pulmonary

American Board

Canadian Board



Dr. Munir Alam
Consultant Plastic

International/European Board