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Hospitals Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al-Qassim Hospital

Al Qassim Hospital



Al Qassim Hospital is the first Multispecialty Hospital of the group, strategically located in Buraidah city in Qassim.

The Hospital is fully equipped with technologically advanced state-of-the-art Equipments & Infrastructure of the highest international standards. The Hospital offers truly world-class tertiary healthcare services offering patients cutting edge diagnostic and surgical solutions as well as the latest Medical Technology, Equipments and IT systems. Al Qassim Hospital is the largest Private Hospital in Al Qassim Region.

The hospital offers comprehensive Out-Patient & In-Patient services. The Out-Patient Department is designed and equipped to accommodate more than 100 clinics covering a wide range of medical services. The Hospital has 150 In-Patient beds with 5 ORs dedicated for General Surgeries, ENT, Orthopedics and others.

IVF treatments & related services are offered for the first time in the private sector to the public of Al Qassim, based on most international standards. The Lasik Suite is an extension of the Ophthalmology Department and offers comprehensive specialized services.

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Dr. Mohammed Ali Sherdi
Consultant General Surgeon



Dr. Noreen Eftekhar Bano
Consultant Ophthalmologist
British Fellowship


    Dr. Ayman Mughrabi
Consultant General & laparoscopic
Jordanian Board
(ST) - RCS



Dr. Sajeela Noureen
Consultant OB/GYNE



Dr. Hadia Jamil Naous
Consultant OB/GYNE 
Arab Board