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Maternity Hospital





Maternity Hospital is a part of Dr.Sulaiman Al Habib Olaya Medical Complex which is located in the heart of Riyadh city. Our main purpose is to care for women prior to, during and after childbirth as well as providing range of gynecological and pediatric services.

Every staff at our Hospital is here to help you and our ultimate aim is to have healthy mothers and healthy babies.

We at Dr.Sulaiman Al Habib - Maternity Hospital are constantly trying to adapt new ideas and techniques to improve the outcome which benefits both the mothers & their babies. Our Maternity Services comprise a wide range of specialists, including: obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists and pediatricians, to provide complete care for women and babies before, during and after pregnancy. In addition, our team of highly trained healthcare professionals, nutritionists, social workers and others complete the Maternity Services team.

Our Hospital's warm and caring environment helps to minimize the stress often associated with hospital procedures.

We Have:-

  • 24/7 on-call consultant obstetric care
  • 24/7 resident consultant obstetric anesthetist
  • Emergency support for potential complications
  • On-site neonatal intensive care unit
  • On-site special care baby NICU unit
  • Adult high-dependency ICU unit
  • Private en-suite delivery rooms
  • Private, suite, semi royal and royal bedrooms.
  • Newborn nurseries

In addition to care of the pregnant woman and her child, the Hospital offers Delivery packages, Delivery without pain service, Pre-natal dermatology Packages and Post-natal dermatology Packages.
We hope that you will find your experience in the hospital satisfactory and that your memories will be a happy one.