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Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Home Health Care Center (HHC) provides professional, premium-quality health services that will ultimately extend to reach all those who are in need for it inside and outside the Kingdom.
The center aims at providing professional nursing, supportive and allied health care services for people who require it at their own homes. The services shall be provided by our professional medical team trained mainly to offer the highest quality medical care at home, which will complement the standard of care presented at the hospital to ensure continuity of care needed by patients. The HHC team aids patients in their own domestic environment without the trouble of searching or waiting for such assistance. These services will be available to everybody and would be an addition to the medical care provided by Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group.

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It is an achievement for the Saudi Arabia Medical Services that Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Group, radiology department won the first place as the Best radiology department in Arab World and the Middle East, According to the classification of ”  Arab Health” contest for innovation , achievement and excellence for the year 2011.

HMG is known for providing cutting edge technology in the Radiology Services and strongly believes that the Radiology department plays a major role in the success of any medical institute. Many of the breakthrough technologies in radiology department have been introduced to the local market through HMG. All the equipments at the Radiology Department are from General Electric.

It's our mission to provide our Patients with the most up-to-date advanced technology and thus our Radiology Departments is equipped with the most advanced Equipments carefully sourced from GE who are the best in the field.

Our Hospital's Radiology Departments are linked through the PACS systems with all our Hospitals and Projects in K.S.A. & U.A.E.

The Radiology Department of Dr.Sulaiman AlHabib Medical Hospital provides the following sophisticated radiological services performed by Licensed Radiologists and Technicians:

  • 1.5 MRI Test Lab
  • 64 Slice Cardiac CT
  • Fluoroscopy machines
  • 4D Ultrasound machines
  • Sonography machines
  • Mammography
  • Bone Densometer machines
  • Mobile X-Ray machines
  • X-Ray, C-ARM machines, etc.


  • HMG operates a new siemens Magnetom Open Concerto MRI Scanner. This is the best Open MRI scanner available in the market today.
  • Open MRI exams are not your typical MRI exams. Thanks to the orientation of the magnet, the exam is surprisingly quiet. So you can leave your anxiety at home.

  • When you are a patient with Habib Medical Hospitals, you can be confident that you will receive the safest imaging possible using the most current technology. The images captured by the open MRI exam will allow your Physician to get information needed to evaluate your condition more accurately.
  • The ability to perform kinetic (motion) studies of joints.
  • No special preparations are required prior to exam. You may eat and drink normally, although it is best to limit your caffeine intake.
  • Easy and precise patient positioning up to 500 lbs. accommodated.
  • Ability to scan claustrophobic patients usually without sedation.
  • The ability to position off centered body parts (such as shoulders, knee, ankle, etc...) in the center of the magnetic field where the best images are obtained.
  • Less susceptibility to motion artifact (this degrades image quality on high field systems)
  • Immense benefit to our young clients (pediatrics) as this "OPEN" machine causes them less anxiety.


"HMG" has a new CT Scan machine with the following features:

  • Multi Slice CT Scan "6 slices per rotation"
  • Equipped with real time X-ray Dose Monitoring System "Care Dose 4D" which reduces patient exposure to X-ray by 66% than other machines.

Radiology Doctors

Endoscopy Unit

The unit is provided with the most advanced equipment and techniques as to perform electronic medical diagnosis based on the results acquired. The Unit includes the latest systems from Olympus & Axera which are highly sensitive and have the ability of detecting even of smallest tumors in their early stage.

Awards & Accreditations

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arab_ogo   Arab Health Awards
iso_logo2 ISO 15189

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Healthcare Planning & Quality

Patient & Family Bill Of Rights

Dr. Sulaiman AL-Habib Hospitals is committed to identify, protect and promote patient and family rights at all times and in all situations. In case the patient is unconscious, infant or unable to practice his rights and responsibility, the next of kin Will receive the health status information and participate in care decision.

  • Rights of Medical Care.
  • Rights of confidentiality & privacy.

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